Adam McMahon

Project Manager in USA

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A hardcore fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking the CTA above ⬆️🙂

I worked on many web projects with Adam. He is extremely professional and competent and always a pleasure to work with. He has an excellent eye for details and really understands the medium of the Web and is able to apply all of his skills to great benefit.
John Ramirez
After a couple of quick conversations and a few brainstorming sessions, Adam came back to us with a recommendation and approach to solve the problem. We quickly developed a plan of action and worked collaboratively throughout the process. Adam delivered the solution and I am impressed with his continuous engagement to ensure success. I welcome the opportunity to work with Adam in the future.
Patrick T. Harris
He took the lead on multiple projects and would see them through to completion with little direction. If he was working on something that was new to him he would take the time to research it to make sure it was done properly. I highly recommend Adam as someone that takes initiative and strives for constant growth and improvement.
Tami Jaffe